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“Made in Fairfax” is an initiative by Fairfax County and participating partners to support small-scale production businesses and “makers” throughout the County. Entrepreneurs interested in locating or opening a small-scale production business can find information on resources, networking groups and marketing opportunities. Residents and visitors can also find nearby maker businesses they can support, by doing business locally. Learn more about the Made in Fairfax Network and business development resources that are available below.

Made in Fairfax Directory

Fairfax County is home to a wide range of “maker” businesses – from textiles, hardware, woodworking and metalworking to breweries and local food products.  The 'Directory' makes the news.

Made in Fairfax Network

The Made in Fairfax Network is composed of local makers, resource providers and organizations that can support the growth and development of maker businesses.

Made in Fairfax Branding & Licensing

To build visibility for local makers, the Made in Fairfax Brand and logo have been developed to promote Fairfax County and the diverse range of small-scale production businesses.

Made in Fairfax Resources for Makers

Makers and small scale production businesses can access a variety of Business Development and Training and Education learning opportunities through Fairfax County and partner organizations.

AboutSmall Manufacturing Reasons List

Made in Fairfax, a program by the Community Revitalization Section of the Fairfax County Department of Planning and Development was developed to expand economic activity and build vibrant community centers throughout the County.

In 2018-2019, the County conducted a study evaluating the challenges and opportunities for small-scale production. View the result of the study for Small-Scale Production Initiative and read the recommendations from the full report below, as well as recent zoning changes, through the Zoning Modernization (Zmod) process to allow small-scale production in commercial zoning districts across the County.

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For More Information

To learn more about the Small-Scale Production Initiative and the “Made in Fairfax” programs contact: Doug Loescher at