Revitalization Partners

Community Revitalization maintains strong relationships with many district and area revitalization groups.  These groups advocate for businesses and citizens interested in revitalization efforts and partners with County agencies to address revitalization concerns and marketing for their districts and areas.  Below are some of the many groups Community Revitalization has partnered with and their contact information.


Annandale Chamber of Commerce

Annandale Chamber of Commerce BannerJoins businesses, community organizations, and professionals for the purpose of maintaining a favorable business climate while contributing to the quality of life that makes Annandale a special place.
Address: 4127 Meadow Court, Annandale, VA 22003    Phone: 703-256-7232    Email: General Information
Website: Annandale Chamber of Commerce

Annandale Central Business District Planning Committee (ACBDPC)

ACBDPC’s mission is to combat neighborhood and commercial deterioration, and to enhance the quality of life in central Annandale for residents and the business community. The Committee consists of business owners, managers, commercial property owners, Annandale residents, and the Annandale Chamber of Commerce.
Email: ACBDPC Chairman: Gregory McGillicuddy    Website: ACBDPC

Bailey's Crossroads and Seven Corners

Bailey's Crossroads Seven Corners Revitalization Corporation

Bailey's Crossroads Seven Cornerrs Revitalization CorporationBC7RC seeks to encourage economic and community development, retain neighborhood identity through a public/private stewardship, and enhance the residential and business environment. Membership is comprised of a cross section of the community, including local business owners, property managers and residents.
Address: 6507 Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA 22003    Email: General Information    Website: BC7RC

Lake Anne

Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce

Greater Reston Chamber of CommerceThe Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce is the catalyst for business growth and entrepreneurship by providing quality programs, education, connections and advocacy for our members and organizations in the Dulles Corridor.
Address: 1886 Metro Center Dr., Reston, VA 20190    Phone: 703-707-9045    Email: Communications
Website: Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce

Reston Planning and Zoning Committee

The primary purpose of the Reston Planning and Zoning Committee is to provide a vehicle whereby the community can ensure that the development of Reston as a planned residential community (PRC) follows the founding principles. The P&Z Committee is an advisory body without statutory authority; however, it is looked to and listened to by local government authorities for its opinions and advice on land use matters. Members of the community that have questions or opinions on an application being reviewed by P&Z are encouraged to present their questions and opinions to the Committee for its consideration. Meetings are usually held the 3rd Monday of each month.
Meetings: North County Government Center 1801 Cameron Glen Dr., Reston, VA 20190
Website: Reston Planning and Zoning Committee

Reston Association

Reston AssociationReston Association has a tradition of supporting and maintaining a high quality of life for its community members.  RA is actively involved in advocating for its members at the Fairfax County government level.
Address: 12001 Sunrise Valley Dr., Reston, VA 20191    Phone: 703-435-6530    Email: Member Services
Website: Reston Association


Greater McLean Chamber of Commerce

Greater McLean Chamber of CommerceRanked as one of the Top 20 Chambers in the Metropolitan Region, the Greater McLean Chamber of Commerce enhances the local business community by giving professionals an opportunity to get connected. Our vision is to create a sustainable business community by providing professional expertise and resources.
Address: 1347 Balls Hill Rd., McLean, VA 22101    Phone: 703-356-5424    Email: Information
Website: Greater McLean Chamber of Commerce

McLean Revitalization Corporation

McLean Revitalization CorporationThe McLean Revitalization Corporation (MRC) mission is to facilitate economic growth and revitalization of the Community Business Center (CBC) of downtown McLean.  Revitalization involves joint efforts by residents, landowners, businesses, and civic organizations to enhance the CBC’s vitality, make it a more pedestrian friendly center of community activity, and increase its economic vitality.
Address: 1347 Balls Hill Rd., McLean, VA 22101    Phone: 703-356-5424    Email: Information
Website: McLean Revitalization Corporation

McLean Planning Committee

The MPC guides the planning process to ensure it is in line with the vision for the McLean Community Business Center (CBC) and serves as a representative forum for discussion, decision making and consensus building. The MPC works closely with the office of the Dranesville District Supervisor, Community Revitalization, and other County agencies to advocate conformance with the Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan, zoning ordinances, the McLean CBC Design Standards, and County revitalization goals. Meetings are open to the public and are generally held the third Wednesday of every month.
Meetings: McLean Community Center 1234 Ingleside Ave., McLean, VA 20101
Website: McLean Planning Committee


Greater Merrifield Business Association

Greater Merrifield Business AssociationFounded in 1984, The Greater Merrifield Business Association (GMBA) was established to bring businesses together for the betterment of the Merrifield area and provide an avenue for better marketing, networking and growth.
Address: 2841 Hartland Road, Suite 406, Falls Church, VA 22043    Phone: 703-208-1161    Email: Contact
Website: McLean Revitalization Corporation

Richmond Highway

Mount Vernon - Lee Chamber of Commerce

Mount Vernon - Lee Chamber of CommerceOur Vision: A vibrant community enriched and supported by strong businesses.
Our Mission: champion business and build community in partnership with our members.
Since 1954, MVLCC has been the premier business organization to represent both Lee and Mount Vernon districts in Fairfax County, Virginia. Today, more than 300 businesses belong to this organization.
Address: 7686 Richmond Highway, Suite 203A, Alexandria, VA 22306    Phone: 703-360-6925    Email: Information
Website: Mt. Vernon - Lee Chamber of Commerce

Mount Vernon Council of Citizens' Associations (MVCCA)

Mount Vernon Council of Citizens' AssociationsMVCCA, is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization of citizens' associations in the Mount Vernon Magisterial District of Fairfax County, Virginia. The purpose of the Mount Vernon Council is to represent and promote the interests of its member associations and to further the common good and general welfare of the residents of the Mount Vernon Magisterial District.
Address: MVCCA Co-Chairs, Box 203, Mount Vernon, VA 22121
Website: Mount Vernon Council of Citizens' Associations

Southeast Fairfax Development Corporation

Southeast Fairfax Development CorporationThe Southeast Fairfax Development Corporation (SFDC) is a public/private non-profit economic development corporation established to guide and assist businesses with locating or expanding into southeastern Fairfax County's Richmond Highway (U.S Route 1) Corridor. The SFDC is focused on three key areas: marketing, economic restructuring, and urban design. Since incorporating in 1981, it has been a key player in decisions to invest more than $1 billion in new construction and redevelopment.
Address: 8350 Richmond Highway, Suite 123, Alexandria, VA 22309    Phone: 703-360-5008    Website: Southeast Fairfax Development Corporation


Springfield Chamber of Commerce

Greater Springfield Chamber of CommerceFounded in 1957, the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce brings local businesses together to develop and promote balanced economic growth and business opportunities in harmony with the objectives of our community. We do that by strengthening our local economy, promoting the community, providing opportunities to connect, representing the interest of business with government and developing community leaders. Let us know how we can help you connect, grow and succeed.
Address: 6434 Brandon Avenue, Springfield, VA 22150    Phone: 703-866-3500    Email: Information
Website: Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce