Volume I: Urban Design Guidelines

Mosaic DistrictThe OCR is creating and updating urban design guidelines for the County’s Commercial Revitalization Districts (CRDs) and Areas (CRAs). The Guidelines complement each area’s existing Comprehensive Plan by providing detailed urban design and streetscape guidance intended to be consulted by citizens, developers, and Fairfax County; staff, Planning Commission, and Board of Supervisors when proposing, designing or reviewing development projects. The guidance presented in these documents are not “one size fits all’ requirements but are designed to be adaptable to site-specific conditions and to encourage revitalization through innovative solutions.

The Guidelines are comprised of two volumes:

Urban Design Guidelines StreetscapeVolume I: Urban Design Guidelines for Commercial Revitalization Districts and Areas:

Volume I was endorsed by the Board of Supervisors on November 20, 2018. It applies to all CRDs and CRAs (except Lake Anne) and includes broad recommendations and urban design ideas for streets, streetscapes, parks, landscaping, parking, building exteriors, and special placemaking features. These best practices are intended to assist in the creation of complete streets, enhance walkability, and promote a sense of place.
Urban Design Guidelines Vol 2 StreetscapeVolume II: District Design Guidelines:

Is a companion document for each CRD/CRA that is tailored to the community’s preferences for the specific area. It includes area specific information for the design of streets in the CRD, open space features, lighting, street furnishings, and other streetscape details.


Volume I: Urban Design Guidelines for Fairfax County Commercial Revitalization Districts and Areas

Urban Design Guidelines for CRDs and CRAs CoverComplete Document

Chapter 1: Cover, Table of Contents and Introduction
Chapter 2: Street & Streetscape Design
Chapter 3: Open Space
Chapter 4: Building Design
Chapter 5: Parking & Access
Chapter 6: Additional Placemaking Elements
Chapter 7: Interim Development Conditions
Appendix: Tree Planting Details, Tree and Plant Lists, Sustainable Design Toolbox, References